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✂ How to Make ✂ Diwali crackers at Home 2018 -DIY

How to Make Diwali crackers at home 2018 DIY:- Its quite easy to make Diwali Firecrackers DIY. The making process is quite cheap too. The only thing is that you have to be careful with them. So let’s start, we’ll show you How to Make Diwali Firecrackers. Enjoy, and have a safe Diwali 2018 crackers at home DIY with safe process.


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Make Diwali crackers at Home – handmade Fireworks

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Make Diwali crackers at Home – handmade

Firecracker Assembly
Now that you have all the materials collected, its time to put the firecracker together.
Materials Needed:
  • Tape (preferably transparent tape)
  • Toy Gun Caps or Black Powder
  • Fuse (See How to make a fuse)
  • Pin or Needle.
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You can use toy gun caps rather of black powder. The powder in these caps is much simpler to use. To get the powder out,
  • Correctly insert the cap through the back to the front of the cap

Make diwali crackers at home

  • Lift the pin, and insert it again from the front. Carefully take out the powder into a sheet of paper or a plate.
  • Exactly remove the rest of the powder from the edges. Make sure to work carefully.
  • You don’t really need to take the powder out of too many caps unless you want to create a really big bang. You can utilize the powder from 3 caps to make one firecracker.
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  • Don’t collect too much powder at one position. Work with each cracker separately.
  • Take a piece of tape, about 5 centimetres long, and pick up the gunpowder with the sticky side of the time, until you either run out of stickiness or simply cover the tape.
  • Put the fuse( about 5cm long as well) around, such that it sticks half down the tape. It’s not essential for the fuse to stick to the tape.
  • Now, roll the 5cm tape around the fuse. Tightly cover the firecracker with extra piece of tape. Be sure to cover it well.
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So there you have it. You have successfully created a small Diwali firecracker.But be sure to be safe before using. Follow the standard safety rules accurately. Hope you liked this tutorial on how to make happy Diwali fireworks at home 2018. Thank you once again, Happy Diwali 2018 .
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